Ashley Wray is the founder of Mala Collective, a company that makes products to support your meditation practice - from cushions to mala brads to crystals. She is also a meditation teacher, having taken trainings in India, Vancouver and NY. As the meditation teacher for TED talks, Ashley often focuses on mantra based meditation. Specially, the affirmation I Am Enough. This affirmation is meant to empower the meditator to believe in themselves, set powerful intentions and step into their power.

Ashley Wray is the founder and CEO of Mala Collective. The company works with artisans in Asia (from Bali to India to Nepal) to create products supporting a mindfulness and meditation practice. Merging both authentic practices and beautiful pieces, Mala Collective wants to inspire you to live your mindfulness practice at home and throughout the day. Ashley designs the pieces, such as mala beads, crystal kits, and meditation cushions, by merging tradition and modern-day aesthetic.

Since starting Mala Collective in 2011, Ashley has taught meditation across North America, taken meditation trainings from LA to NY to India and Bali, and has worked to make meditation and mindfulness more accessible and fun.

The cushions and crystals are meant to inspire you to take a moment to breathe. The mala beads are tools you can use in your practice, but also beautiful beads you can wear throughout your day to remind you of intention.

Mala Collective has worked with brand partners from Lululemon to Anthropologie. And has been featured in YGQ, British Vogue, Yoga Journal, Goop, Well + Good, and Poosh.


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