Audra Bear - Holistic health coach and Breathwork facilitator based in Los Angeles, California.

After years of searching for optimal health by trying all the different diets and routines, I decided to get a formal education in health. After graduating from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I began a practice in health coaching. What I realized is that no matter how healthy people ate, if they have stored emotion or trauma, you will never truly be happy and healthy. What is discovered is that breathwork is a powerful and natural way to heal the emotional and energetic body so that we can be free of the weight that is holding us down. I fell in love with the practice of breathwork and the many benefits I have experienced which is why I am so excited to continue my practice and share with others. I have been guiding deep, healing experiences for my clients and students from around the world for over a year, and it's amazing to see the transformation that can take place when you truly begin to heal.

I believe that the breath is the source of life. Without our breath we would not be able to do anything so when you activate your breath, you activate your life and come to truly know health in your mind, emotions, body and spirit.

Depending on which breathwork technique you practice, it can help you to deepen into relaxation, relieve stress, anxiety and depression, or feel more energized, alive, and focused.


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