Avi is a shamanic and yoga practitioner, sound alchemist and energy worker. She works with spirit, energy and sound. Connecting with the esoteric realms, her classes are always imbued with mantras and connection to the divine light. She is trained in years of her own personal practice and learning from various prominent yoga teachers starting with Lino Miele in Rome in the year 2001, she progressed through different styles of yoga until she found her soul's love in Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga in the Shri Vidya Lineage, evolving her personal practice and teachings into a well rounded approach on achieving a harmonious body, mind and soul.
Her adventure in sound alchemy started by studying with Shervin Boloorian from Sound Healing Bali and being his assistant in his Ubud sessions. Now holding her own sound sessions in south of Bali, holding healing spaces for participants, private healing sessions as well as teaching yoga workshops and shamanic studies.

She is currently studying with Brad Hay and Terres Unsoeld of Tama do, and also in an ongoing advanced studies with Michael Harner's Foundation of Shamanic Studies. She holds online and offline Tantric Hatha Yoga Classes and Sound Sessions as well as Private Sound Healing Treatments and Shamanic Healing


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