Boja means color, Boj means battle, Jana is the carrier of light. And a colourful warrior of light is the result of the mix of them all.

Bojana is a therapeutic yoga teacher, guide, medical technician and spiritual counselor
experienced in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative yoga, and specialized in raising the awareness of the body and turning any practice into a journey through the physical senses and connecting with oneself.

She is experienced in meditation and doing qi gong( the ancient chinese art of moving energy, grounding, recharging, detoxing). She is a part of Tulum's medicine tribe, initiated in her Shamanism journey, learning and sharing the ways of the land through tribal gatherings, Temazcal and cacao ceremonies, medicine circles, working with ancient Mayan and Mexican healers, and through courses.

She has taken courses in crystals, numerology, tarot, constellations, chakras, ayurveda, tanatology, psychology, assertive communication, boundaries, codependency, the elements, nutrition, energy healing and cleansing and more.

Bojana is very excited to be a part of EsVedra and have the opportunity to share her knowledge, curiosity and love with the world.


ambassador: tulum