Welcome Bri! She is a transformation coach, energy worker, writer and certified nutritional practitioner. Beginning at a young age, she was faced with chronic anxiety which had her western therapy by the age of 11. Bri spent the next 10 years in and out of therapeutic offices and while this modality helped her process, she still felt as though something was missing— something she couldn’t yet access but knew she would find. At 23, she was introduced to an energy worker where her soul cracked open and began to clear, release, contain, shift and mend.. Paving the way for the golden journey ahead.

Bri has spent countless hours experiencing different types of healing modalities as her quest for truth has continued to deepen. From somatic therapy, breath + energy work, family constellations, kundalini yoga, the gene keys, esoteric acupuncture to group integrative retreats around the world, she noticed a common theme threaded throughout her path — that common theme was love, connection and a deep truth that transcends all mental constructs – the truth that we are all connected through a great intelligence that is continuously at play.
“Through the clarity of my intuition, my extensive experience with healing and my continuous training as an energy worker, I help guide my clients through their unconscious to help release, clear and process any unmet wounds that may be left in the system. My intention to every student is to offer space of self-expression, embodiment, nurturing and truth because we don’t merely heal through one avenue of the self – we heal through all of it. For it’s through wisdom of the body, the messages of our emotions, the concentration of our minds and through the infinite possibilities of our souls that we find our truth. This is the work and I am honoured to be walking beside you on your journey home.”
Join Bri for guided meditations using the breath, visualization and activating our subtle bodies.