Chris Wurden is a musician, breathwork specialist and sound healter. He creates empowering, safe and supportive containers where beings can experience profound relaxation and lasting transformation through the power of the breath. He uses the 4 elements, the breath, sound, yogic sleep techniques, & modern psychology to peel back your layers of thought, anxiety, fear, and supposed to, bringing you to a state of pure Being. His end goal is to unlock & empower your innate & infinitely powerful compassionate self.

Chris has co-founded the HUMAN ACTIVATION MOVEMENT together with a growing team of practitioners, coaches, artists and performers. The Human Activation Movement is the source of human expansion, experiential wisdom & unity that rises up from within. An incredible team of empowered storytelling leaders with synergizing modalities and a growing activated, connected, wild, & thriving community of human beings! A movement, a space, a platform where we can all rise up together!


creator |@soundsmithwurden