Danielle D'Souza is a Certified Yoga and Meditation teacher trained in a variety of styles of yoga including: hatha, restorative, kids yoga, yoga nidra, yin, adaptive yoga
 and more. She is passionate about sharing the practices of yoga and meditation with others in an authentic and accessible way.

Danielle's journey to teaching yoga began in an unconventional way, in the improv classroom. After years of practicing yoga on and off, improv allowed her to truly embody the experience of being in the present moment she loved it so much, she even went on to perform in a musical improv troupe for a short period of time after! Once she unlocked the gift of the present moment, she started noticing shifts in her life and was drawn more deeply to study and
 practice yoga.

Danielle draws on her experience with acting, improv and her love of music and combines it with her knowledge of yoga from training and personal experience to offer yoga experiences - classes that include creative, playful sequences, infused with yoga philosophy teachings, breathwork, sound instrumentation, sung mantra, and/or poetry. Her meditations mirror this, each one being a unique journey to remember your true self.

In addition to teaching yoga, Danielle started Release and Restore a guided meditation podcast, with new meditations released each week, and spends her spare time baking, reading, singing and spending time in nature – being here, now.

Danielle seeks to empower you to be the best version of yourself, to realise the power that you have to shift, evolve and heal, and appreciate the gift of this present moment.