Eleanor O’Rourke is a creativity coach and the author of:

40 Days 40 Nights – One Woman’s Quest To reclaim Her Creative Mojo
Breakdown – A Rebel’s Take On Depression
The Freedom Project – How To Find Contentment In A Crazy World

She started her career as a tour manager in the music business. Working with highly creative people gave her an insight into how creative energy works. When it flows well there is a certain alchemy, brilliance and even genius. When it doesn’t flow, there is stress, drama and burn out.

She then went on to run product launches for the corporate sector. Here she observed the way creative energy dissipates in more process led, risk-averse businesses. She is now passionate about awakening people to their own creative spirit, while at the same time debunking many of the old concepts around creativity – eg that it is an exclusive gift available to a few special individuals. She believes everyone has a creative spirit, but many have lost touch with this aspect of themselves – either through willingness to conform, desire for validation or fear of vulnerability.

People everywhere are becoming aware that our minds are too slow to cope with the ever-increasing speed at which the world is turning. We have an epidemic in stress, anxiety and depression. The answer lies in accessing our inner creative flow, and learning to manage this energy.

Eleanor does 1:1 coaching and group seminars in various locations. When she’s not travelling she lives in London, England.

Managing Energy:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svkkbTdu-eU
Website: www.EleanorORourke.com
Articles: eleanororourke.medium.com

Eleanor O’Rourke