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Elemental Healing

September 30, 2021

The Cosmos

The Universe is embodied by us. We are all interconnected through nature and the Earth’s energy. According to the ancient wisdom of Alchemy, the five elements Air, Earth, Water, Fire, and Aether form the basis of all life.

Every element exists within every cell of our body – we all have their energy encapsulating us. These are the fundamental building blocks of the Universe, expressing the essence of the entire world. Elemental energy forms the basis for all things found in material creation, from a simple grain of salt to the complex physiology that makes up a human being. It is essential to tap into these powers of the Universe and to connect to this energy.  

Many ancient cultures believe that the elements work within our bodies, flowing in health or being blocked in times of disease or imbalance. Connecting to the power of the elements is essential to any energetic healing ritual. The elements correspond to an astrological sign and have their own love and healing language. The five elements influence our behaviour, emotions, and overall health. Making sure the elements are balanced within us is the key to staying in tune with our mind, body, and soul. Realizing how we relate to the elements will allow for us to prosper physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Through understanding the positive and negative aspects of each element, we are able to align our minds to use each element the most effective way. When we integrate all the elements within us we can move naturally, live authentically, and reconnect to our true nature.


The Earth element is our source of support and balance. It connects and grounds us, representing stability. This powerful element allows us to keep in touch with our roots. When in a balanced state, Earth represents peace, harmony, and strength. It enhances our state of mind, steadfastness, determination, and drive.

The astrological signs that are associated with Earth are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. These signs are real, authentic, and straightforward. They like it simple and believe in hard work and proving yourself. Grounded in their values, these signs are a safe bet as they are very reliable. Earth signs often live in the moment and try to make the best out of life. The love language of an Earth sign is giving viable constructive words of advice, exploring new locations with each other, spending time even in silence and enjoying it together, affirming feelings of each other’s relationship, and doing rather than saying. Actions speak much louder than words for Earth signs, and they notice things that often go unnoticed.

To strengthen your Earth element, practice gratitude every day. Keep in touch with your roots by grounding yourself in your beliefs, and staying true to who you are. Practice grounding by connecting physically with the Earth. Get outside and explore all the beauty that nature has to offer. Be mindful of your actions and what you are doing each moment as the day passes. Focus your attention on deep-rooted breathing, stabilizing your mind and body.


Water is our life source, and is a special healing element that has nurturing energies. It naturally expels negativity. Water balances our emotions, keeps our mind sharp, and allows us to be calm and focused. When Water is in a balanced state, it induces a spiritual and philosophical attitude to life. Water is flowing and unrestrained. It is associated with the power of conceptualizing new ideas and thoughts. Water is a very creative energy that also has a huge impact on our emotions, feelings, and intuition.

The astrological signs that are associated with Water are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. These Water signs are highly aware, psychic, and empathic beings. They are very intuitive, with the ability to trust the vibes they get when entering a room or talking with someone new. These signs can imagine a completely different world, and through creative mediums, they bring this world to life. Water signs are natural caregivers who seek to lift others up, and their intuition leads most of their decision making. They are often deep in thought and appear shy and withdrawn to the outside world. Water signs are private and very discrete about their feelings. The love language of a Water sign is treating you like you are a part of the family, showing you places of personal memories and meaning, skin to skin contact, and moments of infatuation. Sharing dreams, fantasies, aspirations, and deep longings are ways to truly connect with a Water sign. They are highly affectionate beings.

While this may sound obvious and simple, to strengthen the Water element, drink plenty of Water! This keeps you energetic and sharp throughout the day, and is vital for your health. Since Water controls our emotions, it is important to acknowledge all of our emotions, instead of keeping them suppressed. Express your feelings and let them flow freely like Water. Be kind to yourself, and learn to acknowledge and respect your emotions without labeling them as good or bad, negative or positive. Practice being introspective and tune into what your body is saying. Take time to recharge. Water also has the ability to store energy. Use a copper vessel or ring around your drinking Water overnight so it is able to pull out positive energies from the copper. Drink this Water early in the morning. Also, surround yourself with Water by swimming to soothe and heal the body and mind.


Fire is the driving force behind all life processes. This is the element of love, relationships, and positive energy. When in a balanced state, Fire induces power, confidence, recognition, prosperity, and abundance. It represents our relationship to ourselves and to others, as it governs our ability to share warmth and joy. It is the spark inside that allows us to feel enthusiastic and inspired in what we do. Though Fire in its positive form is enlightenment and radiance, it can also result in opposing traits like rage, greed, and envy. It is very important to connect with the Fire element and keep it balanced. Learning to regulate your inner Fire is essential for moving ahead in life with a spark.

The astrological signs that are associated with Fire are Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo. These Fire signs love their own space. They need to feel a sense of freedom, and to have the ability to exercise their free-will. Their approach to dealing with obstacles is direct and head on. These Fire signs are very inspirational and devoted people who are lively, friendly, and encouraging. They tend to cover up their emotions with strength, and only open up to a select few people. The love language of a Fire sign is giving to others and finding joy in selfless acts, specific and truthful compliments, creating meaningful experiences, adoring and surprising acts, and paying attention to the details and peculiar things. Fire signs value honest communication, and search for those that will give it to them.

To stabilize the Fire element, sit out in the Sun and let the rays engulf your body. Thank the Sun for providing you with the energy to be present throughout the day. At home, use warm lighting, wear bright colours, and light candles. Make time for creative self-expression, and find healthy ways to burn off nervous energy.


Our energy source is our breath. The Air element is our most intuitive connection to life. It symbolizes growth and represents movement, joy and happiness. Air connects us all as one – each of us breathes the same air, even plants and animals. We are all the same, only our surroundings, upbringing, and circumstances frame us. Air allows the mind to be peaceful and controlled. When in a balanced state, Air induces courage and perseverance to achieve your goals. Air activates inspiration and creativity. The Air element also has the ability to bring in nervous agitation, fear, and anxiety. Once balanced, Air can positively initiate new insights, revelations, and knowledge.

The astrological signs that are associated with Air are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. These signs are free thinkers who love to communicate with their visions. They feel comfortable in their own skin and are very social. Expressing themselves comes naturally, as they need to share their thoughts with the world. They are idealistic and enjoy the nice things in life. Sometimes their confidence can be misinterpreted for cockiness. They are intellectuals and researchers, and often writers, teachers, and philosophers. Air signs can be very unpredictable and spontaneous, and they are free spirits who love travelling and exploring. They find joy in surprising you when you least expect it. The love language of Air signs is trying new things together that have meaning and importance, providing guidance and patience, words of encouragement, willing to teach and learn, and showing you off to people who are significant to them.

To balance the Air element, get outside and fill your lungs with fresh Air. Focus on centering and connecting to your breath, and allow yourself to feel the clarity and peace this brings. Give yourself space and time to accomplish your goals, and start waking up earlier. Try meditation, prayer, or yoga – this will help cement the feeling of centeredness and peace before the craziness of the day begins. Design a daily routine that creates stability, calm, and peace. Cut down on caffeine and other stimulants, and allow yourself to be present. Notice the beauty of the little things in life, like watching the clouds float by or observing animals in nature.


The element of Aether symbolizes Space, representing expansion and enhancement. When in its balanced state, it induces knowledge and a higher awareness to understand new and creative ideas. This element encompasses everything around us and influences the mind and heart. Enhancing the Aether element helps you find your divine energy, and smoothly syncs it with the Universal energies. Harnessing the powers of this element are limitless, and it can give you self-healing abilities. The Aether element is the most powerful and dominant element, because without Space, the four other elements would cease to exist. While this element may be the least recognized, it supports us in all of our Life forms.

To balance the Aether element, surround yourself with indigo and violet, the colours associated with this element. While meditating, embrace silence and feel the presence of space. Focus on your acute senses. Connect with the sounds of the Universe, and engage in activities that inspire you. Go out of your comfort zone and travel and try new experiences. Embrace life to its fullest. Expand your higher consciousness by thinking about the larger purpose and rhythm of Life.

Megan Binder

(B.A. Psychology)


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