My Name is Ix (Ish) Osuna. I was born in Mexico City and lived a happy childhood with lots of cousins there, since we are a good old mexican big family. I moved to Cancun with my mother as a teenager, and lived at several different places at the Mayan Riviera for nearly 30 years now.

I was married 18 years to the father of my four gorgeous and sweet children, ages 13, 11, and the twins are 9, all boys. They have been the greatest teachers of my life, and helped me find out when I started as a mom, how unaware was I of what I was creating with my emotions, thoughts and feelings, like any other person without profound emotional or spiritual guidance would be.

I just lived (and considered it normal) with all the fear and lack of self love I unconsciously learned from my mom, which she unconsciously learned from her mom, who unconsciously learned it from hers, and so forth and so on, besides all the transgenerational programs inherited, plus all the unpleasant situations I was ignorant I was generating for myself to realize I had issues to solve and heal for myself and my clan once and for all. I wasn´t even aware I needed to get over domestic violence, narcissistic husband, codependence, divorce and many health issues (obesity, fibromyalgia, depression). The only thing I knew is I just didn´t want that life.

For my lack of knowledge about my Ego, I turned it into my worst enemy in that process. I was very reluctant to admit when I was doing something wrong, but inside, I thought everything was my fault (different from “being responsable”), which is how Ego works.

Only then is when I was so decided to heal my soul, that I started studying and cultivating my spirit through hollistic knowledge, several disciplines and methodologies like BioNeuroEmotion, Meditation, Energy Management, Quantum Vortex, Quantum Physics, Metaphysics, A Course in Miracles, BioMagnetism, Reiki amongst others.

I learned how everything around me, pleasant or unpleasant, was my own creation, and also that the person in front of me is my exact mirror, in this case the man I was married to, was my best teacher. It was really a complex process to calm the Ego to recognize it.

I was not only healing, improving and starting to love myself, but also quantically extending this Healing to my ancestors and my children. That, and being aware of how to observe and deeply know myself, were true divine gifts.

I learned how to love, respect, value myself so I can see it reflected in how others treat me, and I´m glad I did, because with that awareness is how I found my partner for life.
I have been studying, practicing and sharing such themes since then, and also giving workshops, conferences and private sessions to people, sharing the love I received. This is what I do, and I think I will for life.