Hello! I'm Jackie. I’m a certified Psycho-Spiritual Alchemy Life Coach, Mindfulness coach, intuitive artist and Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master. Holy Fire Reiki is a very powerful, protective, and transformative healing modality that comes from the energy of unconditional love. I work with clients to intuitively sense pain points and blocks within their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. I use the powerful, purification energy of Reiki to balance the entire being which promotes self healing while empowering you to live your best life . I use a mix of Reiki, intuition, mindfulness techniques and Jungian psychology to help clients heal from within, transforming limiting beliefs while balancing and harmonizing your energy centers.

As an intuitive mentor and Reiki Master, I'm here to guide you in pinpointing the root of an issue, to uncover the truth with yourself so that you can heal old wounds and move forward in life with clarity, strength, self love and joy.