Mykah was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas . From a child Mykah has had a passion for helping people, justice, equality, movement and the moon. All her life she played sports; track, soccer, and softball. She continued playing sports until she graduated high school in 2011. After graduating High School Mykah moved to Costa Rica for a total immersion language program. During this time was when she had her initial exposure to yoga. She left Costa Rica in 2013 and moved to Tennessee to attend University where she pursued her undergraduate degree in Sociology with a concentration in Medical Sociology and Minor in Environmental History. She returned home for winter break of 2013 where she and her mother were the primary caregivers for her dying aunt who was suffering from lymphoma. Her aunt helped to raise her alongside her mom. On January 8th, 2014 her aunt passed away sending her into a downward spiral of depression. Her aunt’s funeral was on the 17th and on the 19th she was back in Tennessee, alone and suffering from deep depression. What compounded Mykah’s situation was that she had also recently been diagnosed with S.A.D (Seasonal Affect Disorder), also known as seasonal depression. The isolation and pain she was experiencing led to suicidal ideation and even a suicide attempt. Within a matter of weeks she had lost over 30lbs and was not experiencing sensations such as hunger and sleepiness. One of her professors took note of her state and allowed her to use her class periods to go to the counselor.

She began doing therapy under the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)model. However, it failed to target the rumination and suicidal ideation, so her counselor transitioned into Mindful Based CBT. Through meditation, body scans and a plethora of other techniques, Mykah began to feel sensations in her body again. A few months later a friend suggested that since she had found so much healing through meditation and mindfulness she should try yoga asana. Her Uni offered free classes every Tuesday and Thursday, so she began to attend. The first two weeks of class Mykah cried so intensely because for the first time in months she was able to release a lock in her heart centre that was causing great pain. The yoga teacher took notice of the intense emotional releases and invited her to practice daily at his local studio. Mykahe began to practice yoga asana 6 days a week and continued counseling 2 days a week. By the end of her sophomore year Mykah was able to navigate her grief and escape the grip of depression. After her Sophomore year, Mykah spent a year in Germany for a total immersion language program. During her time in Germany she continued her personal practice and joined a local Ashtanga Studio in town.Mykah returned to Lee University in the Spring of 2015 where she continued her undergraduate studies. During her undergraduate tenure at Lee University she served as president of the Bahamian Club, Medical Sociology Research Assistant, Sociology Teaching Assistant for both lower and upper level classes, Spanish, German and Sociology Tutor and was a student instructor teaching Oral Spanish to students. She also served on several committees; Racial Justice and Advocacy Group, International Student Council and the Black Student Council. (not sure if this is necessary, if not, you can omit)

After graduating in the summer of 2017, she immediately began her master’s program at Lee University. She studied Developmental Psychology, Child Psychology and Non-Profit Management with a concentration in Mindfulness Based Interventions (MBI’s). The healing she received she wanted to be able to share with the world. All of her research was geared towards that. Some of her research included MBI’s as an alternative to medication for people with mental illness predispositions, using MBI’s as an alternative to detention, MBI’s as a support for other therapeutic frameworks, MBI’s as a mean to build self- efficacy in abused and battered women, self-esteem and self-confidence in children while teaching emotional intelligence, MBI’s and it application and implications in/ for low income communities and so much more. During this time she served as the Graduate Assistant for the History and Political Science department and the Behavioral and Social Sciences department. She also worked along with several Nonprofits in Tennessee as a program evaluator, researcher, interpreter and educator. She has worked with the Salvation Army as a program evaluator, Bridges Refugee Services as an educator on trauma informed practices and sexual abuse prevention, Impact Cleveland as in interpreter and researcher. Mykah even traveled to SanGolqui, Ecuador where she installed water filtration systems, taught mindfulness techniques to local children and trained the staff of a local children’s non-profit in sexual abuse prevetion, emotional intellegence and basic play therapy tequniques.

After graduating in 2018 Mykah returned home to New Providence. Deeply intrigued by the efficacy of mindfulness based intervention and therapies, Mykah travelled to Mexico to pursue her yoga teaching certification. After graduation she returned home and started her own business, Anahata Yoga Bahamas. Shortly after this, she felt urged to go deeper into the healing of the physical and emotional bodies. She then pursued certifications in herbalism from the Centre of Excellence, Master of Herbalist Diploma, Advanced Herbalist Diploma and Organic Product making. Mykah wanted to remind her fellow Bahamian of the healing power that is in the plants all around us. She focused her research around subtropical plants indigenous to the Bahamas. This led her to establish the Last Island Gal, Bahamian Inspired Earth Based Healing Tools.

Mykah is now a full time yoga instructor and herbalist. She is certified in several styles of yoga including Vinyasa, Hatha, Prenatal and Postpartum, Tantra and Rocket. She uses her educational background to inform her practice and teaching. She also operates her business full time and has helped her clients transition from medication to herbal healing modalities, heal from illness and find a better sense of health and wellness for themselves.