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Numerology 101

October 15, 2021

The Cosmos

Do you often see certain numbers pop up frequently in your life, or find yourself drawn to particular number sequences?

Numerology is the universal language of numbers, and it is the idea that the universe is a system. Once this system is broken down we are left with the basic elements, which are numbers. Numerology is the study of numbers and their meaning in our lives, and it can be used to better help us understand the world and our place in it. Numbers can give us insights about our purpose, personality traits, and guide us to our higher path. Everything in the world can equate to or be broken down into a number, including human beings. When we view numbers from this perspective, it leaves them as a powerful means to communicate through.

The origins of numerology are somewhat of a mystery; numerology is an ancient philosophy that has early written records from Egypt and Babylon. Numerology was also prevalent thousands of years ago in ancient Rome, China, Greece, and Japan. The Greek philosopher Pythagoras is thought to have spear-headed the concepts of numerology that are present in modern society.

Numerology is formed on the basis that the cosmos and the Universe work together to help you derive a sense of your spiritual trajectory. Nothing is a coincidence, and the numbers you are surrounded by are spiritually significant. Numerology upholds the notion that each number is affiliated to a specific vibrational energy or frequency that embody meaning beyond it’s simplistic numeric value.

Numerology can work in many different ways, and you may see numbers appear in your life for various reasons. Much like astrology, numerology uses the date and time of your birth to configure your life path number, among many other divine messages. Other ways numbers can add significance to your life is by occurring in repetitive sequences, such as 111. This is known as an angel number, which is a recurring sequence of numbers that have a spiritual significance. If you’ve noticed such a pattern, it may not be a coincidence. Higher divinity will speak to us in synchronistic ways. Seeing the same thing over and over again, going much beyond a mere coincidence, is this guidance. While divine energy is surrounding us all the time, our spirit guides do not always communicate with us in a straightforward manner that is clear to interpret and understand. This guidance can seem mysterious through enigmatic signs. One must be in alignment with their energetic selves to understand these subtle messages and uncanny synchronistic occurrences.

Angels, spirit guides, the Divine Feminine, or anything else you like to call your higher power, are celestial beings who live in a realm that exists at a higher vibrational frequency than the physical world. Which is why communication can occur through obscure forms. Angel numbers work in accordance with the tenets of numerology, which upholds the notion that each number is connected to a certain vibrational energy or frequency that encompasses meaning beyond its sheer numeric value. As our world has placed a great emphasis on numbers, it makes them a powerful means to communicate through. Angel numbers are spiritually significant numbers that can appear as a marker to which path you are currently on in life. Seeing a repeating number is like your angel trying to grab your attention, making you feel seen and heard. The various numbers they send have meanings, which convey messages about the direction that your life is headed in. 


Intention. This number sequence signifies you to listen to your heart and trust your gut feeling.

This is a powerful manifestation number, so when you see this number be sure to envision your



Alignment. Take a deep breath, because everything will work out as it should. You are exactly

where you are supposed to be – you are in the right place at the right time.


Support. Do not worry because your spiritual guides are sending you love, support, and

guidance. Pay attention to the signs.


Protection. The universe and your spiritual guides are looking after you, and protecting your best

interest. Trust the process and that all will be well.


Change. Something new is coming. It is time to embrace the unknown, and venture onto a new path.


Reflect. Time to wake up and realize your higher spiritual truth. Stay present with who you truly are.


Luck. Amazing things are about to happen for you. Get excited because good things are headed

your way.


Balance. Everything is falling into place as it’s meant to be energetically. Abundance, prosperity,

and positive energy are infinitely yours.


Release. Let go of anything not serving your higher purpose. You know what is best for your

higher self, and when it is time to release what is no longer right for you.

. . .

Numerology is viewed as the universal language of numbers. Each number has a spiritual

meaning, which can be applied to individuals in various ways. Much like a beginner astrology

chart or tarot card reader, you need to learn what these symbols represent in your life. Once we

allow our minds to open to the synchronicities occurring in our lives, we can use numbers to help

us better understand the world and the path we are on.

Megan Binder

(B.A. Psychology)


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