Rachel is an international yoga and meditation teacher, Reiki healer, and empowerment coach working to bring movement, practical spirituality and mindfulness into your everyday life so you can live from the power of your inner calm to become your own leader.

Originally trained in the lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, Rachel’s travels and work in South East Asia and her appetite for trying and testing any and all modalities herself has lead to her classes incorporating many different styles and methods of movement, meditation, self reflection and mindfulness.

Her main focus is on guiding you to reclaiming the magic of your inner world so that, rather than living purely for the external and losing yourself in the process, you can live in the outer world with more health and empowerment. Alongside her work in embodiment, Rachel is also a ghost- and copywriter, helping thought leaders in the wellness industry get their messages out to the people who need to hear them most.
*Does “shake it out” dance release sessions!


creator | @rachelbednarski_