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Raise Your Vibration

February 8, 2021


Everything in our universe is moving and vibrating at different frequencies all around us – this is the law of vibration. It is essential to constantly work to raise your vibration in order to match the frequency of which you desire. But sometimes this can get a little confusing… what exactly is our vibration and how can we raise it?

If we break it down into a very simple scientific approach, we can see that matter exists in three different states: solid, liquid, and gas. When water turns into ice, the particles are vibrating at a slower frequency, allowing the element to solidify and be still. If you take the same water and melt it, the particles will start moving faster, vibrating at a speed which allows movement. Steam this water, and then the particles will be vibrating so fast you can’t even see them!

Now think about this concept, but in your own body. When you live a lifestyle that is compatible with the energy you want to obtain in your body, you have less negativity weighing you down. Negativity can make us feel slow and less energized (much like the ice cube), lowering our vibrations. On the other hand, when we are radiating love, positivity, and gratitude, we are vibrating on a much higher frequency. This makes us feel emotionally lighter, and our energy is traveling at an accelerated speed.

In other words, our vibration is the pattern of our thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and actions. This is what creates our reality. When you think about it, humans are powerful beings – we have the ability to change our vibrations and ultimately the course of our own lives! There are countless ways to raise your own vibration, and as you practice this you will realize what works best for you.

1. Stimulate your mind

Become conscious of your thoughts. Do you tend to criticize and judge yourself?  Do you let fear and worry weigh you down? Try to free your mind from those negative thoughts, and fill your mind with positivity and purpose. A great way to practice this is through meditation.

2. Change your focus or environment

Sometimes all we need is a change of perspective, or a change of scenery to lighten our mood. Try writing down ten things you are grateful for, listen to music you love, and say something nice to a stranger. Get outside and walk in nature, declutter your space, and bring in fresh flowers. A little can go a long way.

3. Become aware of your body and its needs

Pay attention to what you are putting into your body. Make sure to hydrate and feed your body nourishing healthy foods. Get your blood pumping, and move your body! Yoga and dance are great ways to shift your mental vibration.

4. Surround yourself with likeminded people

Do the people in your life bring you happiness and uplift you? Not only your close family and friendships, but the people you interact with daily. Make sure to protect your energy field and vibrations by surrounding yourself with people who align with your own values and goals.

5. Don’t forget to have fun, laugh, and play

Above all else, make sure you have fun and enjoy this crazy experience called life! Connect with your inner child and fill yourself full of possibility, hope, and strength. Tune into the present moment, and enjoy your time there.

These are a few ways to bring positivity into your life and raise your vibrational field. Remember to show gratitude, radiate love, and walk away from anything that doesn’t resonate with a high frequency.

Megan Binder (B.A. Psychology)


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