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The Best Feelings in the World

April 6, 2022

Holistic Wellness

It is so easy to get wrapped up in the bigger picture and continuously be looking onwards to the next momentous life achievement or goal. We often look for satisfaction and fulfillment in these seemingly pivotal events that we strive so hard to reach.

What we sometimes seem to lose sight of is – what happens once we get past this euphoric sensation? Where do we go once the high is gone from accomplishing what was so sought after? Of course, there will always be more mountains to climb and pillars to reach. What about all of the little moments in between that make life oh-so-sweet and special? Those tiny experiences that can bring you unmeasurable amounts of serenity and joy.

Here is a reminder of some beautiful moments to cherish:

  1. Lying on the grass in the summertime
  2. That first sip of coffee or tea in the morning
  3. Getting up early to watch the sunrise
  4. Receiving a cute text from special someone that makes you smile
  5. The feeling of your toes in warm sand
  6. The sound of soft thunder
  7. Forehead kisses
  8. Watching your plants grow
  9. The first snowfall of the season
  10. Finding money in the pocket of a coat you haven’t worn in a while
  11. When a newborn baby giggles at you
  12. Booking a trip to a place you’ve never seen before
  13. Finishing your favorite book
  14. Making breakfast on a day off from work
  15. Swimming in the rain
  16. Drinking hot chocolate by the fire in the winter
  17. Not setting an alarm clock
  18. Sitting on a dock watching the sunset
  19. Hearing your favorite song performed live
  20. Getting into a bed of freshly washed sheets
  21. Putting on an outfit that boosts your confidence
  22. The smell of birthday cake candles
  23. Getting to the summit of a hike
  24. Hearing the words I Love You for the first time
  25. Creating images in the clouds
  26. The feeling you get when a plane safely lands
  27. Exploring the streets of a new city
  28. Putting on cozy pyjamas
  29. Having a dance party with your friends
  30. Finding your new favorite restaurant
  31. Lying in the sun’s warm rays
  32. Doing something adrenaline-seeking
  33. A hot shower after a cold winter walk
  34. Finishing cleaning your house
  35. The excitement of getting ready for a first date
  36. When your pet comes and snuggles up to you
  37. Turning on your favorite TV series after a long day
  38. The smell of fresh flowers
  39. A butterfly landing on you
  40. Watching someone open up a gift from you
  41. Seeing an old couple madly in love
  42. Finally remembering the name of something you forgot
  43. Making that lucky (almost impossible) shot at something
  44. Being in the right place at the right time
  45. Making eye-contact with someone and reading each other’s minds
  46. Resting after a hard workout
  47. Watching the trees dance in the wind
  48. A full-body stretch after sitting down for a while
  49. Washing your face at the end of the day
  50. Laughing so hard your stomach hurts

Life amidst all of the thrilling highs and elongated lows can often seem repetitive and mundane – but what would life consist of if we didn’t appreciate everything in between? It is those small instances, so minuscule you take them for granted, that create a fulfilling life that is worth living.

Megan Binder

(B.A. Psychology)

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