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November 17, 2021

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You may have recently heard the term Metaverse, but what exactly does this entail? The defining feature of the Metaverse is the feeling of presence – feeling as though you are truly connected to those you are interacting with online. The Metaverse opens up the door to experiencing many social platforms on an entirely different level. It creatively brings to life new voices and ideas through augmented reality, social media, virtual reality ecosystems, and various other platforms. It will make you feel as though you are right there with another person or in another place. The Metaverse encompasses both social experiences and future technology.

Connection is the essence of the Metaverse. Touching on these expanding technologies, we want to expand into the wellness sector of this concept. Technology has given us the power to connect and express ourselves more naturally and holistically worldwide.

We want our wellness platform of the Metaverse to be an immersive experience that that embodies every product we create. What makes our platform stand out from others is the aspect of holistic and spiritual wellness. This is why we have created Esvedraverse – a wellness sector of the Metaverse. 

Through Esvedraverse, we are evolving into a plethora of social technologies that embody our wellness values of connecting with the mind, body, and soul through spiritual practices. With all of the time we spend involved in technology through different screens and platforms online, why not create a space that allows us to heal and grow organically? Esvedraverse recognizes that technology can be there to support us in our wellness practices. We are building a system that aids you in expanding your consciousness. Our mission is to bring together a band of spiritual leaders, wellness experts, yoga practitioners, sound healers, and mindfulness coaches to elevate humanity’s collective consciousness.

The concept behind Esvedraverse is to bring an integrative approach to online connections. We want people to be able to stay present and connect with their inner psychological beings in the physical world when spending time using technology. Through our virtual reality systems, we went people to be fully immersed in their wellness practices, and feel as though they can get an escape from any space they are in. We want our presence within the wellness universe to inspire people to live organically and become their true and authentic selves, through the use of this expanding technology.

Our goal is to build a community where all kinds of wellness practices are accessible, no matter where you are in the world. We want to build holistic connections with teachers, learners, and everyone in between. Whether you are just starting your wellness journey, or have been on this path for many moons, our goal is to inspire you to keep expanding. Within the Metaverse, the wellness sector of Esvedraverse will support you in finding the best practice for you through technology and help inspire connections with like-minded people worldwide. We hope to enlighten your spiritual path and make wellness accessible at any time and place.  

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